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'Bristling' is a new body of work made at the end of 2023 into 2024, including large scale paintings on collaged paper hangings, ink and pencil drawings and multimedia sculptural objects. 


The show picked at the threads of previous work that looked to the boundaries of ‘body’ and ‘self’, asking how we conceive of our wholeness, or lack thereof, and negotiate our edges. The images and objects shown were born of the questions raised in searching the faulty borders of body, identity and of self.  As if looking for the cracks and edges of the self, led directly to its dependencies and appendages and asked ‘where do the edges of our self meet others?’ 

Bristling explores the pertinence of our relationships with others in our experience of being a thing. These images of fraught solitude and complex intimacy, through means of story and object, attempt to express the tensions between individuality and connectedness, dependence and independence.

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