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My practice is a kind of storytelling through image and object. Drawing from posthumanist and feminist philosophies, myth, literary and historical narratives, but also from being a creature, my inquiry is into how we categorise our world and ourselves. I am interested in complicating the boundaries of what our culture tells us about who and what we are. The questioning of binary systems and conceptual dualisms is central to my practice which takes ‘gender’ and ‘species' in its hands to prod and poke them. Here, story can be both content and method. Taking symbols as tools, it is a kind of way-finding; charting a journey through the dark, misty places in between. 


Rooted in both archetypal, cultural narratives and personal experience and embodiment, the resulting imagery often features beings somewhere between humanness and animalness. In paintings and drawings the creatures are engaged in actions and glances, and living alongside them are sculptural works; embellished with or imitating, tools and implements, body parts and objects.


Medium is treated with the same suspicion and playfulness as the concepts at hand, allowing a feeling of ‘made-ness’ in the work. I work between ‘traditional’ mediums and materials associated with craft, to utilise the deep historical and political meanings embedded in cloth, paper, paint. Often the product of this is large paintings on constructed paper substrates, small drawings, textile hangings, objects made from cloth, clay and paper and occasionally text and film. 

Recently the work, whilst holding these same core concerns as a guide or lens, has focused on the boundaries of the body and 'self'; how we conceive of our wholeness, or lack thereof, and negotiate our edges. Attempting to express the tensions between individuality and connectedness, dependence and independence

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